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I am a wife of over 20 years and mommy to 3 amazing kiddos. We also have 2 fur babies seen below!

Some of my interests include: coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, (did I mention coffee?), photography, traveling, watching biographies of famous people and when the weather is bad and we’re snowed in – – – – (this is probably the cheesiest thing ever) but I LOVE to watch those Lifetime Movie Network movies. This usually consists of having it on in the background and I’m looking something up on the internet at the same time. I am also a techie girl. Give me a new techie gadget any day!

Our little family is so grateful to be able to see and live in different parts of the country in the last 20 years. To be able to experience the creole cream sauces and cajun dishes of Louisiana, to tex-mex and bbq near Dallas to incredible bbq and farmers markets near Kansas City -it has just been amazing. I have also been fortunate enough to visit London, Paris, Florence, Venice and Santorini. I have really enjoyed tasting the different foods specifically favored in those different countries and states.

I hope my love of food and passion for displaying the different creations I come up with inspires you to explore your passions as well! I chose the name “Foodiemarvel” because food is something to be marveled. It is also amazing. Doesn’t hurt that our family is Marvel junkies. Wolverine, are you out there?

Thank you for visiting my page! Food is love.

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xoxo – Jamie


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