Chick Fil A Coleslaw RIP

standard July 15, 2016 1 response
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Replacing something with sugar and mayo …. with …. kale?

Ok, Chick Fil A. What did we do to deserve this?

Back in January, Chick Fil A decided it would no longer serve the ever so popular coleslaw, but instead serve a kale side dish. Fans rioted. Fans protested. Chickfilians swore they would boycott the popular chain until they brought the brassicaceae filled dream cup back! (Google it.)

Well I guess the outrage was just too much, so they decided to release the recipe for their lunatic following adoring fans!

I use it to top my BBQ brisket sandwiches,  with ribs, or chicken.

Recipe for Chick Fil A’s cole slaw:

Chick Fil A coleslaw


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