EASY 30 Minute Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake Cups

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake Cups
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First of all, remember how easy those Lemon Tart Cookie Cups were to make? I love chocolate chip cookies and I love chocolate chip cookie cakes. I thought, why not combine the two AND make it super simple, easy and quick to make store bought cookie dough but in chocolate chip cake cup form? Also, do you remember getting to have a chocolate chip cookie cake when you were younger at parties? Those were the BEST parties.

Let’s talk chocolate chip cookie cakes

It seems like chocolate chip cookie cakes from the mall typically have a white icing and a black icing. However, the mall’s chocolate chip cookie cakes can be a bit pricy. So, I decided to figure out a way to bring the same delicious flavors of the mall’s chocolate chip cookie cakes home where it’s not super expensive either.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake Cups

I made one change to the chocolate chip cookie cakes you get at the mall, though. I switched out the chocolate icing for chocolate pudding. You can use regular chocolate pudding, or a dark chocolate pudding. (Your choice) For ease, I used a tube of chocolate chip cookies you find at any grocery store. (Again, your choice in brand) I also used just a whipped, vanilla icing straight out of the can. Chocolate icing would probably be fine as well. Most of all, it is your choice to have fun with. Enjoy being creative!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake Cups:

1 package of store bought cookie dough in sheet form (not roll)
A box of instant dark chocolate or regular chocolate pudding
Nonstick spray
1 can of whipped vanilla icing


Preheat oven to 350. Follow your directions on the pudding mix and allow enough time to set up.

Spray mini cupcake pan with nonstick spray. Take each little square section from cookie dough sheet and press down gently with your fingers into a mini cupcake pan. (regular would probably take 2-3 of them) Press until cookie dough is evenly spread out but not too thin where there are holes. Also, paying attention to them being evenly spread out.

Bake in oven for approximately 11 minutes. (check periodically since all ovens are different) They may puff up all over. That’s ok. When they are golden brown to brown, take out of oven. Let cool completely. Also, if you do not, your cookie will not come out of the pan easily.

Only when cooled, take a sharp knife and gently slide in between each cookie cup and the pan, wiggling back and forth to release. Take your hands and gently pull cookie cup out.

Take a small spoon amount of pudding, followed by a small amount of vanilla icing to top.

Finally, you can top with cocoa powder dusting, or you could also top with shaved chocolate.






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