First Video of Healthy Protein Balls

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I finally shot my first video of healthy protein balls. The title of it really should be called 10,000 balls due to how many of these I made. Wait, let me rethink that.
First Video of Healthy Protein Balls

In order to capture this video, I must have put in about 30 hours practicing. Our kitchen is not much bigger than a casket not exactly ideal for a lot of cooking, hosting a 12 man band, or holding a lot of video equipment or lighting on top of that.  I had 1 light. Wasn’t enough. I had 2 lights. Still wasn’t enough because 1 light would run into the other light and I had to move one back in order for them to fit…but if I moved 1 up, then 1 had to come down and there went the whole brightness thing again. It wasn’t as focused as I wanted it to be and the lighting was funky.

After several bottles of wine, a few tears (and we’ve already visited how many balls), I made up my mind I was going to get this. So, I looked at many tutorials and many blogs.  I also  saw a behind the scenes, food video by Buzzfeed.

I was sure they had to have some amazing equipment. So…strike one against me. I’m sure they also had to have had 10 light stands with 10 ft LED panels. I paused it at just the right moment where I saw the light set up. “Ok,” I thought. “I can do this.”

Your can dooooo ehhhht!

I gathered my lighting and my little camera and I set out to shoot my first ever video of protein balls. The only thing I didn’t have on hand which deviated from my normal Protein Balls Recipe were the mini chocolate chips. I happen to love them in mine, so I don’t omit them.

My First Video for Healthy Protein Balls

I’m super excited to make more though. It was fun! More time consuming but I loved it.

My first Video of Healthy Protein Balls can be found on Youtube (or by clicking the link), and also on Facebook. I’m Foodiemarvel on both, so come and find me! Cheers!

First Video of Healthy Protein Balls


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