Leftover Brisket Three Ways

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There is an unlimited amount of recipes you could come up with using leftover brisket. I can think of 3 recipes right away. These are some of my absolute favorite recipes using leftover brisket three ways. Of course, I have about a million more, but these immediately come to mind.

Another thing to think about when you have leftovers is meal planning for the next week. There are so many versatile recipes where you can swap out chicken for beef, or beef for shrimp, etc. When I marinade chicken in a  southwestern spices marinade, I immediately think of other items I can pair it with for the remaining week. This leftover brisket three ways idea was born out of this planning ahead.

Leftover Brisket three ways

  1. BBQ Brisket Sandwich – Super Simple. Grab your favorite bbq sauce, throw on some cole slaw, grab a pickle. Mmmm. Once you have made the brisket, you can throw is in the food processor with some bbq sauce to make almost a pulled pork sandwich. The longer you cook this, the more tender it is! Leftover Brisket three ways
  2. Brisket Nachos – Again, super simple. We have a theme going… Save time and use some pre-made ingredients, or make your own. These brisket nachos can be made for a huge gathering, or just for one. Leftover Brisket three ways
  3. Huevos Rancheros using leftover brisket – You can use any leftover meat, or no meat at all. It is delicious with the brisket. Combine in a flower tortilla – insanely delicious bursting with flavor. Throw some fresh ingredients on top for even more complex flavors. Leftover Brisket three ways


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