Lemon Tart Cookie Cups

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Lemon Tart Cookie Cups
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There’s a lemon ice box pie I remember making with my mom and sister when I was little. As I grew older, I would order it from our favorite family-style cafeteria where the meringue was a mile high and the lemon cream was super tart. My mouth completely just watered just thinking about it. I seriously would anticipate how good it was going to be when I would pair it with a strong cup of coffee. Something about the cold, creamy, tart lemon combined with the silky, sweet meringue ~ then washed down with the strong coffee ~ mmmmmm. Yep. Level 10,000 mouth watering going on. These lemon tart cookie cups do not disappoint either.

I am a big fan of when you don’t have a certain ingredient…improvise. This is what happened when I didn’t have any graham crackers and I also didn’t feel like making a pie dough from scratch. I had some sugar cookie dough (Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough) on hand, so I decided to just make little cookie cups. Bonus ** I don’t see why you couldn’t make sugar cookie cups with all sorts of other pies, just like the ones I made with Chocolate Chip Cookie dough.

Lemon Tart Cookie Cups

Lemon Tart Cookie Cups

Lemon Tart Cookie Cups


4 oz of frozen lemonade concentrate (let thaw out) or fresh lemon juice
1 Tube of Pillsbury Sugar Cookie Dough
8 oz whipped cream (I used cool whip)
14 oz condensed milk
4 egg whites
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
6 tsp of sugar + more give or take after taste


Preheat oven to 350. I took about a Tbsp of the sugar cookie dough, wet my hands a little with a tiny bit of oil and smushed them down into a cupcake pan. With my fingers, I pressed along the edges to get as much of an even layer all around as i could. It’s ok if they are a little off. It makes them rustic looking! 🙂 You want them thin all around, but not so thin you make holes. Bake them off for approximately 8-10 minutes. They will look like they are puffing up to the sky. It’s ok. They will come back down. Once they are as golden brown as you like, take them out and let them cool completely.

In the meantime, take your condensed milk, lemon juice, and whipped cream and beat with a mixer until just combined. Set inside the refrigerator until lemon tart cookie cups are completely cooled off.

You can also make your meringue at this time and keep in the refrigerator as well. Get a metal or glass bowl (as cold as possible – can put in the freezer for 5 minutes prior) and take your egg whites  and cream of tartar and put them in the bowl. Whip on high until just foamy. Add sugar 1 tsp at a time as mixer is going. Taste. If you like your meringue a little sweeter, add more sugar.

Put lemon cream mixture in the cups and top with meringue. You can bake off the meringue if you’d like, or torch them. These can also be topped with just plain whipped cream to save even more time! Enjoy!!

Lemon Tart Cookie Cups

Lemon Tart Cookie Cups



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