Sushi in Kansas City Bob Wasabi

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Sushi in Kansas City Bob Wasabi

There was a place near Dallas that was my absolute favorite place to get sushi. My favorite roll was called “The love roll,” and I was pretty much in love with it. Accurate. Check. Check. It had scallops and avocado wrapped around the outside with shrimp tempura and crab on the inside. I had my favorite two sauces: the spicy mayo sauce, and eel sauce. So, when I set out for sushi in Kansas City, Bob Wasabi on 39th had some pretty big shoes to fill.

Sushi in Kansas City Bob Wasabi

We have been to about 4 other places for sushi in Kansas City. Each place was pretty good, but still didn’t hold a candle to my fave back home. We still haven’t been to one that recently made one of those headline grabber articles on Facebook. That one is on my list for next time. Someone just mentioned in passing that they really liked Bob Wasabi Kitchen, so we decided to give it a try.

At first glance

I am new to the area, so I remembered going down to that area of Kansas City a few times before and I remember how difficult it was to find parking right off of 39th. There are some really cool, trendy places on or right off 39th. Q39 (BBQ)  is also on my list and I plan on doing a review as soon as I do. Another is Jazz, a Louisiana Kitchen. I ate there not long after we moved here and it was really great cajun food. Bob Wasabi Kitchen is a little further east than Jazz but not as far as Q39. Both are on the north side of the street.

As I suspected, it was difficult to find parking immediately in the same parking lot as Bob Wasabi, but we were extremely lucky that someone was leaving just as we arrived. The place looked a little small with 15 tables, give or take a few. The foodie in me recognized right away that I would be able to take pretty amazing photos with the amount of sunlight peering into the front glass windows.

Ok, Ok…but how was the sushi!?

I ordered the sesame house salad and was pleasantly delighted. Every other place I have had sushi in Kansas City has disappointed me a bit. Their ginger salad dressing was either way too tart with vinegar, or some other concoction that didn’t resemble a ginger dressing one bit. This one (if I had to close my eyes) would have been hard to tell the difference between my fave back home and Bob Wasabi’s. The only complaint and I mean it’s super minor is that the carrot design on top (though beautiful and artistic) was harder to eat because each carrot piece was about 2 ft long held out in length. It’s not like pho where you can chomp down on a long noodle and boom, you’re done. There’s a little more gnaw to this. The taste = amazing.

Sushi in Kansas City Bob Wasabi

The sushi came. We asked for our favorite sauces (spicy mayo and eel) and the waitress was informative, helpful, attentive, and really sweet. We ordered 2 rolls and I also ordered salmon nigiri. (Nigiri is just the piece of fish on top of a dab of wasabi and then on top of a little mound of rice).

Sushi in Kansas City Bob Wasabi

The rolls and the sushi were packed with flavor. The salmon was fresh, buttery, velvety and delicious. The rainbow roll was incredible as well. Hubby got a shrimp tempura roll and it was packed with fresh flavors upon flavors. The rolls were pretty good sized also.

I would love to say I’m going to visit this place every week, but the prices were just a bit steep for us. The same meal back home would have cost us about $15 cheaper. Was the food worth it? Yes, I think so. I think it’s just a matter of location. That area and the demand for this quality of sushi can ask what they ask. We just see it more as a treat than a once a week outing. I think we also could have shared a roll, as they were pretty big. We also did not get any alcohol as it was a Friday lunch and I had to get back to work.

If you’re out and about in Kansas City and want top quality, delicious sushi, go to Bob Wasabi Kitchen on 39th Street. It will not disappoint!


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