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standard July 14, 2016 Please Comment
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Why foodiemarvel? Food because…duh.
Marvel? Two reasons. First, we are crazy Marvel fanatics. Yes, really. You will literally have to rescue me if Ryan Reynolds ever graces this blog and comments. Second, I wanted to create an amazing and astonishing thing. (Marvel)

foodiemarvel ! Est 2016 🙂

I hope you enjoy this journey with me. I am learning more and more about photography every day. I strive to present amazing content. This won’t be a blog that just fills space with tons of content just to fill content 10 times a week. I want to feel great about what I post. I want it to leave people waiting for the next photo I share. My hope is that my passion for the photography and food comes through on screen.

So this is the beginning. Behind the scenes setting up and practicing. There will be food. Oh, there WILL be food. Be patient, grasshopper.

In this post….DIY softbox. Box + duct tape + tissue paper + lights and lots and lots of practice.

Thanks for stopping by. xoxo


Every blog has a milk bottle and pink and white straw, right??


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