Top 5 Food Blogs I love learning from right now

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The Top 5 Food Blogs I love learning from right now are incredible blogs. I have so much respect for each one. They are the same, yet they are very different. Each one has a special, unique flare for how their websites look, how they choose which items to create, and how they style their food and pics. They have years of experience under their belts. Hours upon hours of taking pics. I have been observing and taking notebooks of notes just trying to learn the ins and outs of what it takes to have a successful food blog, all while trying to bring out my natural style and flare just like I’m sure they discovered along the way as well.

When I first started my food blog, I looked at 3 or 4 “Top Food Blogs in the US” lists. These blogs were pretty much at the top of the list. I knew they didn’t get there by chance. So, I went to each page to look at their “About” page to see their stories. I also wanted to see how long they have had their blogs. Over and over again, I read a familiar, “I didn’t really do anything specific or special. I just posted about something I love and I was consistent …” Granted, when you look at their content, it’s pretty spectacular. So having really amazing content also had a lot to do with it.

The goal was to list the blogs with what I think makes them special and why they are at the top. I didn’t want to take pictures from their sites and post them because certain ones have different wishes about their content being posted on other sites. I want to respect that. Please visit their sites though, and leave a comment or drop a like or two! Here’s a simple picture of a pie I just made to satisfy your need to see a food pic. ūüôā First time I made chess pie and I have to say it is a pretty tasty dessert! Just snapped with my camera phone along with a pie slicer I got at a thrift store for .99 cents.

Top 5 Blogs I love learning from right now

The Top 5 Food Blogs I love learning from right now

  1. Pinch of Yum – This is a powerhouse couple where Lindsay takes the pics and Bjork is tech support. She was a 4th grade teacher before blogging full time and creating an amazing business a few amazing avenues of business. They not only create incredible content…they host food photography workshops at their studio and have started a site called Food Blogger Pro¬†(a website/group/forum dedicated to food bloggers).¬†As of now, the group is closed to new clients, but there is a waiting list. They also have an ebook you can download, as well as really great tips for growing food bloggers.
  2. Damn Delicious РI am drawn to this blog so much! I LOVE her pictures, her food choices, the way she displays her food, all of the above. I draw so much inspiration from her beautiful layouts and gorgeous photography. She started her blog in 2011, lives in California and she also has a new cookbook coming out SOON, so go out and grab a copy! **Bonus, and probably the best thing about this blog (just kidding) but not really is her freaking cute dog, Butters. I love to watch her Insta stories to see what Butters is up to today.
  3. What’s Gaby Cooking – Harry Potter and Margaritas. You get a sense really quickly what Gaby likes when you visit her “about” page. Harry Potter, Margaritas, Yoga Pants and excursions across Africa are just some. Not only would I love to just sample a lot of her dishes, but it sounds like she would be a blast to hang out with! I’m not sure how long her blog has been around, but she’s another California girl who probably has access to amazing fresh food year round. She has been featured on many television segments and has been featured in People, and Whole Foods.
  4. Joy The Baker – This one is simple. NOLA girl now. She moved from CA to New Orleans in 2014. Having grown up just 2 hours from there myself, I know how much culture inspires you down in the bayou. Spend a few days in New Orleans and you’ll see what I mean. She started her blog in 2008¬†and also has a couple of cookbooks under her belt. One of her most popular dishes? Her Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. I just love her pictures, love her creativity and her writing!
  5. The Pioneer Woman – ¬†I could not do this list without listing The Pioneer Woman. This is one of the first food blogs I remember reading when I started to venture into cooking on my own. The everyday cook. The everyday housewife and mom. Women and men who just want¬†to learn how to boil an egg possibly. I found her page helpful, not too fussy and straight to the point. It’s about her life and all of the food she has enjoyed cooking and being around since she was younger. One of the truest forms of “being authentic gains a following” I can think of.

Thank you

The top 5 food blogs I love learning from right now have taught me a lot in these last few weeks. I want to get better. They push me to produce really amazing content. They also remind me to sit back and enjoy the journey day by day. I love seeing their lives, seeing what moves them and brings them such joy. I thank you for the beauty you have brought into the world!



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