Weekly Update No 1

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Weekly Update No 1

I am finally writing Foodiemarvel Weekly Update No 1 ! Warning: this update may be a little random…but this is honestly how my life is most times with 3 kids!

In the beginning

I started this blog a few weeks ago, starting it off with  This is the beginning. I really wanted a great reference point to look back on (and hopefully be extremely proud of.) Hubby helped me construct a DIY softbox where I could practice my photography skills in non-natural sunlight setting. I took a minimum of 100 photos per subject. I guess that was the inner chef in me, not wanting to send photographs out there (like a chef not wanting to send a bad dish out) into the world. Now I totally see why bloggers and photographers say natural sunlight is best. I now monitor the weather channel like nobody’s business, praying for sunlight before a big blog!

Reminder of why I started to begin with

I would be lying if I said I haven’t gone from tears to joy to aggravation to happiness to excitement to agony… in the scope of 2 weeks. I care so much about what I put out into the world. I care so much about this blog. I have a vision of what I really want it to be. So I put a lot of pressure on myself.

I recently read from a huge blogger that you have to really relax, and enjoy the process. Remember why you started the blog in the first place. Not obsess over the little things or you’ll drive yourself crazy over them.  I have fallen back into this mindset this week. I have really been enjoying the process. I just LOVE food. I love setting the pictures up. I love researching recipes. I love the end result when I have knocked it out of the park and have a FANTASTIC photo. I haven’t been obsessing over SEO and metas and whether or not the print button should be at the top or the bottom, big or small, icon and text or just icon…. ya feel me?

The next big thing

Other than that, our soon to be 19 year old will be off to KU in about a week. It’s only fitting I start with Weekly Update No 1 the same time our 19 year old is starting her new venture as well.

I have mixed emotions I think. Part of me is so sad that this phase of her life with us is over. I have wiped her nose. I have talked her through mean 12 year old girl situations. Late night counseling sessions. Then there’s that part of me that has realized she is one step away from being completely independent and I think I’m finally ok with that. I think there are complexities that come with some at that age. They are just ready to jump. Ready to spread their wings. She will be studying medicine eventually, and we couldn’t be more proud. She has a giving heart and I have no doubt she will be a comfort to thousands she comes into contact with.

(she took this pic -by the way) My little shutterbug.  Photo Cred: Kenzie

Weekly update No 1


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