Weekly Update No 2 Kenzie

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Weekly Update No 2 Kenzie
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Weekly Update No 2 Kenzie

This one is going to be a rough one. Our oldest and first born is off to college. We move her out of our home, and into her dorm in just 2 days. This was Kenzie.

Our big blue eyed, sweet, chunky monkey. Ever so curious and always catching on to things at lightening speed.

Weekly Update No 2 Kenzie

You hear that mothers and daughters can have complicated relationships, sweet relationship, strained relationships – all of the above. Kenzie was (and is) the most amazing child to raise. If we said, “No, that will burn you. Don’t touch.” She wouldn’t touch. If you said, “Hmmm, they don’t seem like they are good friends to keep. Let’s evaluate what the relationships really are and if they are all positive.” She would end friendships that were not good for her, or were not a positive influence in her life.

Weekly Update No 2 Kenzie

Her teen years were pretty much a breeze as well. We rarely had to have serious discussions with her. We rarely had to deal with slamming doors, rolling eyes or horrible Twilight, Kristen Stewart(ish) angst. There was an occasional “come to Jesus” meeting where we had to get some things back in line. Those were rare and it was often taken care of in one talk.

Weekly Update No 2 Kenzie

Moving three times in a matter of a few years (and having to move out of state for her senior year) was probably the biggest challenge she has had to face. It was extremely hard having to make those decisions and put her in those positions, but when I look back, I think that has been a time in her life where she has pushed herself the most. I think she has grown the most from it too.

It hasn’t hit me yet, I don’t think. I get a little teary eyed every now and then when I think, “This is it. No more her running down the stairs to see what smells so good.” That’s when it hits. Kenzie will just be 30 minutes away, but it’s still going to be hard. Come Wednesday, I will need some extra tissues on hand. I know it will hit me when I look back and see those big, blue, wide eyes looking at me from her dorm room as her dad and I leave her. It’s like daycare only we aren’t going back to pick her up.

We couldn’t be more proud. Still going to be gut wrenching, but we couldn’t be more proud. We love you to the moon and back McFrench. Now I need to stop writing because my eyes are about to pour buckets right now.

xoxo – Mommy and Daddy

Weekly Update No 2 Kenzie


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4 responses

  • Ahhh is it weird that this post makes me so emotional?! Seeing this from a parent’s perspective is beautiful. She is one gorgeous girl. Thanks for sharing- your love radiates through this post. <3 I can't wait to hear what big things she does 🙂

    • Foodiemarvel

      Yep. Tomorrow is the day. It won’t hit me until we’re leaving her there. Something super ironic but oh so cute? I’m going to write another blog tonight on it actually, but hubby found a nest of baby bunnies yesterday. In our backyard! In a little nest. As I’m trying to keep these baby bunnies alive and in their nest so the mom can come back and keep them fed… my own is leaving the nest. 🙂 I have pics and videos. They are so cute. I wish they would stay in our backyard! 🙂

  • […] my oldest went off to college. I was really thinking about her a few days before when I wrote my weekly entry about her leaving the nest. It was really rough when I was coming up with the pictures for her senior party movie a few months […]

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